I had a wonderful time with This Alien Planet but just as things were looking up and we were starting to book a load of gigs my voice gave out. Lost stamina and completely stopped being able to sing for more than 5 minutes.

It has taken this long to get referrals to a vocal therapist and a little longer to get a good vocal teacher. I’ve just started the process of getting to see if I can fix my voice.

Don’t get me wrong, my voice is not damaged as such, and I can still sing but if i do it for any length of time, it clams up shut again. Clearly I’m going to have to do a little more than a few warmups before gigs to get this to where it needs to be to perform.

What does this mean? We’re on hiatus and I’ve taken a break from performing until I can get to the bottom of this annoying stuff. We are, however, still hoping to finish our debut album which is almost in the can 🙂 but both Matt and Adam are extremely busy being the kick ass people they are so it may take a little while yet.

I’ll be honest, very honest, in saying that this has totally messed with my head. For all my life I’ve sung and that’s what I’ve wanted to do, and suddenly I’m faced with a possible reality that I may not be able to do this anymore and IT IS TERRIFYING. Like the world has stopped.

I want to do anything I need to, to get this back. To be better than before. I hope you’ll give me the chance and still be there when I come back. I can’t tell you how much I still leap inside if someone buys an album or tweets me they like my stuff. ❤

In the mean time, I’m working on demos although my muses seem to have left me also so it is SLOW GOING, for all sorts of music – some folk, some more electronic/pop stuff…we’ll just see what sticks. All whilst working a full time job so there’s that too.

I went to Newquay not too long ago (the South West of England is always a source of joy to me) and their aquarium provided a lovely backdrop to my song Oarsman.
So I made a little video, I hope you enjoy:


So, perhaps the reason for my absence aside from life, meaning I’ve been quiet on the solo shows and album #2 recording for the moment , is that I’ve formed a band.

Not for my folk music.

The new band is called This Alien Planet –> http://www.thisalienplanet.com | http://www.soundcloud.com/thisalienplanet | http://www.facebook.com/thisalienplanet | http://www.twitter.com/thisalienplanet

art by Hayley B

We are a mix of indie music, rock, shoegaze and grunge so sometimes we’re heavy and then we’re soft and a bit of 80’s and a bit of 90’s music.

We’ve been working our arses off in London doing shows all over, and have had some awesome comments and feedback so that’s what I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future until I write enough songs for solo album #2


Evening folks!

It’s been a while since my last update. Lots of life stuff has happened, which has been a little…tough. Health stuff too. However, one thing I seemingly can always rely on is that I’ll end up singing one way or another.

I recently trotted down to Brighton to play for the wonderful Fem Friday, run by Cess Greenness. It’s an intimate setting in a basement at a very cool cafe. I hope I get to go back.

Tomorrow I’m playing my first label showcase for End of the Trail records.

Join me at 7pm at the New Cross Inn £6 on the door if you’re in London at a loose end and help cheer me on.


However, even if I don’t get signed, I have plenty of shows lined up in November with my band This Alien Planet. We’re playing all over London so it’ll be great for us as we keep going from strength to strength.

I also did something really special today. I had a best friend who lived in Surrey and we’d spend days in Kingston, shopping or just walking around. I later went to college there in the 90’s, and one of the most enduring stores was it’s record shop -I’ve always had a soft spot for the indie side of the town. As such it’s always been my dream, since it used to be part of the Beggars group, to have music of mine in, Banquet Records (now just a pure indie).

Today, that dream came true, I finally have my debut album, ‘Black Feather, Wooden Chair’ stocked by them so if you pass through Kingston-Upon-Thames, stop by the shop on Eden Street and pick up a copy if you like 🙂 for £10.



Although he might not be able to rival Roger, the Gig Slut in terms of gig attendance, Peter Kent certainly does his very best. He very kindly came down to the Apples & Pears show for Who Run The World, of which I was a small part of, and took a butt load of pics in the dark and chatty bar.

Here are my faves:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’m playing at the Apples & Pears bar on May 12th for Who Run The World, so come on down from 7pm and loiter at a particularly lovely cocktail bar for some sultry tunes.

Aside from that, Sheffield was fun with the amazing Slim Estrada Experience!

The other thing that’s been taking up my time recently, is my new band. This Alien Planet.

We’re on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram @thisalienplanet.

Somehow, we work really well together, and in our little rehearsal room bubble, feel like we’re giants. Music is coming from a 90’s vibe, with a bit of David Lynch and 80’s new wave thrown in. It’s something completely different from my solo folk stuff, and it’s a joy to be able to sing in a different way although some might find it caterwauly but f*em, and experiment musically in the safety net of Adam Gelman(guitar) and Matt Hill(drums). Although I do complain about having to learn/play bass AND sing. It’s hard work. lol.

Here’s a little video of us doing a Nirvana cover to whet your whistles.

Sooo album number 2…I’m starting the writing process now but expect it to take a while to complete. They don’t say they’re difficult for no reason. Lyrics are slower to come and I’m finding the ukulele a little limited to get the sounds I want across, so no doubt this will also be a multi-layered album of crazy noise and weird instruments.

I have a vague theme which is helping to narrow my focus so who knows.


thanks for sticking with me, I know it’s been a while to wait for new music.


Sunday March 6th Fiddlers Elbow, Camden, London – Who Run The World Festival on at 1pm to open up the day.

Sunday April 17th Sheffield Folk all Dayer for Save The Trees at The Porter Cottage on Sharrowvale Rd, Sheffield S10 at 2pm.


Wow – I can’t believe my last post was so long ago. I’ve been busy with my new band, rehearsing, and working my full time job so really haven’t had much time to do my own solo stuff.

The gig at the Atkinson went really well. I sold a few CDs and met the Fatea peeps there. A wonderful reception, where a little girl made my day by dancing to my music.

Photo by Neil King/FATEA

That’s my favourite thing about music, when people enjoy it with you.


As an unsigned artist I’ve so far managed to escape some of the pitfalls of being signed:

  • Complete ruination via a label no-longer wishing to promote something they were excited about 5 minutes ago that even gathered momentum but suddenly stopped because they fired all the people working with you
  • That sudden unexpected thing no-one tells you about when music turns into a thankless dayjob and you disconnect from it after touring too long and too hard
  • Or worse, it results in you breaking your one means of earning a living if you kill your voice through overuse or having to put everything on hold due to needing surgery which your label will make you pay back anyway.

However, one thing I’ve not escaped is the touch of those who would prey on others on their way up, as they’re just getting started in the sharkpool of the industry.

I found myself having to write this letter the other day, as I’d been offered music licensing at a deal of 70/30 split (to me, it wasn’t THAT bad) plus a $30/mo subscription (recoupable on first paid job). It also came with a 60 day cancellation policy, which seemed excessive as other licensing companies offer around a month.

On the surface, it’s not a TERRIBLE deal. It even may seem perfectly reasonable but if you’ve been around a little you see most of these types of deals work on percentage alone, and only the really shady outfits ask you to pay upfront for things they haven’t delivered.

What got me thinking is that for a company I’d never heard of, who seemed to be pretty sure they could place my songs, it seemed a little off I’d never heard of them, nor been able to find any positive feedback online.

They had contacted me and in that moment, given me just enough hope to think I can do this, all over again but not counted on how protective I would be if any opportunities arrived to make money off this thing I do.

So i found myself writing this email.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 23.05.09

I’m afraid I wrote this reply not just for myself, but all the youngsters and hopefuls out there- of which there must be millions like me, who are offered far worse and feel there is no other option.

Yes, there is.

You can keep doing what you do but find a day job.

Patti Smith tells us to “do good work” and in numerous interviews has given advice to struggling artists that it’s only ever about the work. If you have to move back home, take a job you hate, whatever, it doesn’t matter if you’re poor just don’t let anything interfere with your work.

To do this in the modern world is hard, with rising rent, increasing food prices and an uncertain future.

You’ll have to work harder than anyone around you because you’ll be doing two jobs in one- coming home after your head’s not been in music for 8, 12, hours, being too tired to practise or sing, and having to anyway, having to immediately open a spreadsheet and keep contacting people to help you who say lovely things but don’t actually really help, maintain your social media sites and try and reach out to fans, record new stuff to keep people interested and spend as many evenings as you can booking gigs and playing to people who couldn’t give the slightest shit about you or your stupid music.

I’ve been guilty of slacking on music a little this year, and as a result have found myself in a situation I need to rectify.

But we all have to figure it out, because you may love doing other things and if you’re lucky you’ll be talented enough to have many strings to your bow, but there’s a universal truth here in that if you simply cannot imagine life panning out in a way to NOT let you do this ONE thing, then only you have the power to make it a reality.

It’s an all-in situation.

So I guess this is my end of year update. How a whole year has gone by already I really don’t know!

In that year, I self-released my first album, ‘Black Feather Wooden Chair’.

Which also got some kickass reviews (you can read them on the side–>) as well as making it onto the Tom Robinson show on BBC radio.

For that I’ll be truly grateful the rest of my life as I expected NOTHING.

Warning: the following contains thoughts, experiences and some frustrations I’ve encountered in that time but is in no way moaning. I could have worked harder to do certain things but in one way I was too scared of failure which for me is the monster under the bed I always have to try my hardest to fight.

2016 will be better because I will work on my anxieties a bit more and try and overcome, as I’ve always been taught to do but never found easy.

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Was so great to discover that I got picked by Tom Robinson to be on BBC Introducing on BBC Radio 6 Sunday night 🙂 Have been jonesing for some national airplay for my album and hopefully this is the first step.


25th July at the Boogaloo in Highgate for the all-day festival, I’ll be outside in the beer garden chilling everyone out, from about 4pm.

So this lovely thing on Twitter happened yesterday- I got a mention from Tom Robinson off the Radio having been voted one of the top 5 into a lovely soundcloud playlist:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 22.29.09

How wonderful!

Now for some GIG NEWS:

SUNDAY 14th JUNE 9PM UK TIME – join my live-streaming gig. It will be intimate and poetic.


Then SATURDAY JULY 25th- I’m playing at the Boogaloo’s first festival for Blue Monday.

More deets: https://www.facebook.com/events/1435907110056400/

Hope to be seeing more and more people at shows, since Hereford, I really feel I need to get out there more to keep proving that live is where I excel.

See you soon.