How Beautiful Audience Participation Can Be

Dear Magickals, I’ve been very busy of late and apologise for such a tardy blog post. 

My full time job has been very full time, and I’ve suffered from almost constant chest infections for about 2 months which has made music very tricky.

However, let me update you all on what’s happened on that front:

– I did 2 gigs in Lisbon in one night, Portugal that were filled with friends and amazing music-lovers. People followed me from one bar to the next and let me play much longer than my allotted slot. The warmth of the people in Lisbon melted my heart.

– Then, I was lucky enough to be invited to duet with Lawrence Made Me Cry aka Jo on her new Album who then invited me to play a show at Heath Street Church in Hampstead Heath. It was one of the most special gigs I’ve been to or played yet- there was a great atmosphere and the acoustics were glorious. I played a new song on my Shruthi for the first time and it went down well. Jo was amazing- she has such a beaut voice! I have video which I’ll try and show soon.


– After that, more chest infections and a trip to Austin Texas happened- a highlight was their musical culture there…oh and their music shops!


After that, it was gig time again, but not to be outdone, I managed to book 2 gigs in one day again.

Oxjam’s takeover of Chiswick happened as I write this yesterday. I was playing in the early avo- not sure of how it was going to go because of the voice/chest situation but the crowd were lovely and supportive, and it always helps when someone in the crowd loves Patti Smith. (more on her later). I signed EPs, gave our flyers and generally had some generous and lovely comments from the crowd. Not to mention that the Oxjam staff were AMAZING so thank you for making it such an easy performance!

Exhausted but super happy my voice just about survived, I then trekked up to Watford to perform at SILENCIO at the Pump House it was SUCH a fun night. Ocelot were amazing in Prog Rock wonder and the indomitable Adam Donen and partial band were immensely entertaining (see pic)

at Silencio, Watford

It was the first time I tried some audience participation and I never expected it to work as I’ve witnessed rather poor attempts in the past..I sang a sea shanty, and the crowd was filled with the low repeat, it was actually perfect. Perfection. I wanted to hold that moment forever. THANK YOU ❤

The next gig I have booked is November 8th a the White Lion in Streatham. Please come down and we’ll sing some more songs!

After that I want to try and raise my profile a bit to be able to get some festivals next year… I can’t re-iterate enough how important word of mouth endorsement is by the general public- it’s one thing to love a gig but to forward that love via social networks and word of mouth is the greatest reward a musician can get- every little helps. I’m so hoping to get to SXSW in Austin next year..I feel I could learn so much so that application is also pending!

More music will be made and recorded in the next few months, can’t wait to release some of the songs I’ve been working on but it’s likely to be a while before I can get my Album together. 

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