It’s been a year or so

Since album recording started.
I am 12 tracks in and close to finishing the first third of the process; recording, mixing, mastering.

The studio has to find new premises by October, so I’m also under the shadow of a ticking clock.

Also, my steady job has turned into freelance scrabbling, so whilst I have the time now, I barely have the money to strike those final takes.

It’s all happening.

Luckily I’m still able to gig regularly and have met some amazingly supportive people over the year as well as some incredibly talented musicians I’ve had the pleasure of dragging into recording sessions.

I very much hope I get to release this album, sooner than later. For better or worse.

This is my baby and I’ll labour as long as it takes until it’s born, just hope whomever my audience is, is still there when it’s ready.

Music recommendations:
SZA (dat VOICE!)

Gig venues:
The Lantern Society

Anna Kendrick
Elon Musk


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