St Pancras Old Church

I wanted to write this post because I wanted to mark a moment that was beautiful.
I’ve played 2 churches before, one in Bristol and one in Hampstead and as a general non-believer, it always strikes me as funny that they’ve been rather lovely shows.

The gig supporting Lily Oakes (15th Sept 2014) was one of my favourite shows ever.

Not because there were close to 100 people watching, not because I sold merch after (i didnt) and not because it proves anything about my ability or skill in music.

The darkness, the faint smell of incense, the fact there was a “greenroom”, the acoustics…everyone amped, everyone excited and trying not to swear but always slipping an “oh fuck” or “this is fucking amazing”out.

Staring into the dark seeing sillhouettes, having to calm my nerves and just channel the notes…everyone so quiet, everyone expectant.
Utter communion.

It was indeed high magic.

Thats how all gigs should be, a prayer to the dark and the beating of soundwaves in your ears. Something womb like and reassuring, im not creating that for them right there, i am part of it, experiencing it with them/you.

It goes away as the lights blink on and the small fraggle with a nondescript uke case grabs her friends and trudges out shyly before anyone can say anything to make her English awkwardness worse.

But if I could unshy myself in the moment I would say:
Thank you, thank you for listening and sharing your contemplation with me in that 20 minutes. We are all in the dark.


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