Getting ready for the new year and my album release…

I played my last gig of the year yesterday at The Finsbury – a fine establishment – just by Manor House tube in London.

My favourite music person I’ve met on my travels, Roger aka The Gig Slut curated the event of 4 female acousticals. It was my pleasure to be counted amongst his faves, and to be in such beautifully-voiced-and-faced company.

Mike Watts took some pictures of me gurning singing and very kindly said I could do what I liked with them, so here they are.

I can’t wait for January. I got so excited I put a countdown up —->

SalwaAzar_TheFinsbury21122014_MikeWatts5 SalwaAzar_TheFinsbury21122014_MikeWatts4 SalwaAzar_TheFinsbury21122014_MikeWatts3 SalwaAzar_theFinsbury_21122014_MikeWatts2 SalwaAzar_TheFinsbury_21122014_MikeWatts

People who release music and say they don’t care if no-one hears it, I’ll never understand.

Singing Oarsman with a room full of people, in the dark, will never, ever get old. EVER.

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