Music is the medium, is the message and the massage to and from my soul

My music doesn’t just take a monumental effort from me to keep going on, despite work and through thick or thin, illnesses and family commitments, it also really relies on friends, family, fans to keep on pushing too. I cannot thank those people enough who have kept on pushing with me. To anyone who’s come to a gig, come to more than one gig, said to a friend “hey listen to this” or played it in the background or spotified it even though you can’t afford the album, THANK YOU. You keep me going. seriously. Id have given up without the great support from everyone else. I don’t have it in me to do this on my own. There’s no point. I could have stayed playing songs to myself in my bedroom, but my fans are literally the whole reason I bother risking it all, putting myself and my music “out there”. When I want to give up and feel it’s too hard, the last few times the Universe has bitten back and said, no, be patient, things are happening, and then someone buys a CD or says something amazing and it makes sense all over again. It makes me tear up every time someone reminds me they listen to my music. From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO much. You have so much choice today of what to listen to, it is like winning a lottery any time anyone chooses my music for those brief few minutes. x

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