Another gig, I’m in a band and new album details

I’m playing at the Apples & Pears bar on May 12th for Who Run The World, so come on down from 7pm and loiter at a particularly lovely cocktail bar for some sultry tunes.

Aside from that, Sheffield was fun with the amazing Slim Estrada Experience!

The other thing that’s been taking up my time recently, is my new band. This Alien Planet.

We’re on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram @thisalienplanet.

Somehow, we work really well together, and in our little rehearsal room bubble, feel like we’re giants. Music is coming from a 90’s vibe, with a bit of David Lynch and 80’s new wave thrown in. It’s something completely different from my solo folk stuff, and it’s a joy to be able to sing in a different way although some might find it caterwauly but f*em, and experiment musically in the safety net of Adam Gelman(guitar) and Matt Hill(drums). Although I do complain about having to learn/play bass AND sing. It’s hard work. lol.

Here’s a little video of us doing a Nirvana cover to whet your whistles.

Sooo album number 2…I’m starting the writing process now but expect it to take a while to complete. They don’t say they’re difficult for no reason. Lyrics are slower to come and I’m finding the ukulele a little limited to get the sounds I want across, so no doubt this will also be a multi-layered album of crazy noise and weird instruments.

I have a vague theme which is helping to narrow my focus so who knows.


thanks for sticking with me, I know it’s been a while to wait for new music.


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