Today, a great day

Evening folks!

It’s been a while since my last update. Lots of life stuff has happened, which has been a little…tough. Health stuff too. However, one thing I seemingly can always rely on is that I’ll end up singing one way or another.

I recently trotted down to Brighton to play for the wonderful Fem Friday, run by Cess Greenness. It’s an intimate setting in a basement at a very cool cafe. I hope I get to go back.

Tomorrow I’m playing my first label showcase for End of the Trail records.

Join me at 7pm at the New Cross Inn £6 on the door if you’re in London at a loose end and help cheer me on.


However, even if I don’t get signed, I have plenty of shows lined up in November with my band This Alien Planet. We’re playing all over London so it’ll be great for us as we keep going from strength to strength.

I also did something really special today. I had a best friend who lived in Surrey and we’d spend days in Kingston, shopping or just walking around. I later went to college there in the 90’s, and one of the most enduring stores was it’s record shop -I’ve always had a soft spot for the indie side of the town. As such it’s always been my dream, since it used to be part of the Beggars group, to have music of mine in, Banquet Records (now just a pure indie).

Today, that dream came true, I finally have my debut album, ‘Black Feather, Wooden Chair’ stocked by them so if you pass through Kingston-Upon-Thames, stop by the shop on Eden Street and pick up a copy if you like 🙂 for £10.



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