Happy holidays! Here is my twinkly and harmonising version of Silent Night on iTunes and Spotify – go nuts!



And unlikely combo but the fruits of my labour on the studio last weekend.

So, it’s not quite Christmas so I’ll pop the Portishead cover here first:

And my Christmas single (will be on iTunes and Spotify soon!)


Now it’s back to album stuff…

As usual when you are an independent artist- eg one of the bajillion people out there trying to earn scraps from their stuff…and holding down a full time job..it’s easy to get sidetracked.
However, the tides are shifting…

I am still recording my debut album.
It has taken time because it can only be done on occasional weekends when either myself or Matt my wonderful “Studio Guy” is free.

I am more than proud with what is waiting for you when the day comes I can finally release it.

However, yesterday’s session and most of today’s will be dedicated to another endeavour…something that has a very short shelf life but I enjoy doing every year.

More on that later :0)

I’ll post a few pix from this weekend’s session soon. As always, thank you for your patience with my lack of contact x


Is going very slowly (have to keep saving up for funds… no Kickstarter yet, that will be for a tour!).

But.. it’s going. The lovely Matt Hill working out of 3Sixty Studios is sorting out recording for me, so we’ve been busy getting the Uke parts right. Spent last Saturday laying several Uke parts down, so I have a good foundation to power through with vox when I next go. I’m getting the hang of playing to a click track 🙂

2013 at 3Sixty Studios with Matt Hill.
2013 at 3Sixty Studios with Matt Hill.
Salwa Azar @ 3Sixty Studios
Salwa Azar @ 3Sixty Studios

I’ve also bought a new uke, as my old one has started to rattle. I’d such a magick Ukulele though, I hope to bring it back to life one day.

Magickals, I’ve been busy.

For the last 4 months my full time job in the games industry has kept me very well occupied.

I have managed to keep on doing a few gigs here and there though, and the main news is that I’m recording my debut album right now in my waning spare time.

On Thursday 18th July I performed at the Lantern Society, at the Betsey Trotwood pub. Although I only did 3 songs, I had a wonderful, epic, blessed experience singing Oarsman. As an audience participation song, it’s risky but that night, the audience got really into it. Intoxicated me 🙂

Here are some pictures as a brief collage of that night.


Come see me play next Friday 26th July at the 12-Bar club on Denmark Street, London. I open the night, doors: 7.30pm.

Salwa Azar by Hayley Brant 2013
Salwa Azar by Hayley Brant 2013  

Salwa Azar by Hayley Brant 2013
Salwa Azar by Hayley Brant 2013


Salwa Azar by Hayley Brant 2013
Salwa Azar by Hayley Brant 2013