Thursday April 16th – The Garage. Supporting the excellent Feldspar Come.


29th May at the Underbelly, Hoxton – East London – details coming soon

30th May – Hereford – The Victory pub supporting Heed The Thunder with Slim Estrada.

June – TBC

Small show, intimate. Always great to see Joe Kelpie doing sound coz you know he’ll take care of you.

I felt really relaxed and happy. It was lovely to play my songs again and my voice felt not stressed or anything despite suffering from lots of snot issues earlier in the day hahaha.

I look pretty happy in these pix with possibly a hint of hipster…:/

Images reproduced very kindly with permission, by Mike Watts.



((O)) Helios is smiling today ((O))

– Feedback so far has been more supportive than I could have ever have asked for.

– People have been asking about a Vinyl release- considering setting up a Kickstarter so please feel free to comment/register your interest here.

– There’s still so much to do – self-promotion-wise – that it feels like I’m just at the foot of a mountain but as point #1 has been so positive, I feel that now I actually have a decent thing to push and can only wait until the rest of the world cottons on to it.

– This album took a buttload of balls to make. It’s the one thing in my life that I was posessed about. I had to get it done. Ever since I was a little girl at 4, exploring mum’s piano for the first time, Id wanted to make music of my own. After an entire lifetime of not knowing where to start, being too shy, doubting myself and being torn between having to live in this world and earn money, and wanting to live in a musical realm and just exist, I finally scraped enough money over a year and a half together to do it. I’ve spent more money than I have made back on the music, but something deep in me is settled and happy now that I’ll never regret it. I finally have a body of work that actually is coherent, and describes me as not only a person but a musician. It’s just the tip of the iceberg too- I have so much more to share but not until I’ve done this first album a bit more justice.

Through all of life’s struggles, health issues, work stress, personal shit…I made this. and I’m so proud of it I sometimes hurt all over with the force of love I have for this album.

I can only hope it affects you as much as it has me, and is something you’ll cherish, as I will cherish all the blood, sweat, tears, money, friendship sacrifices and pain that went into making this. I know that sounds so totally dramatic. If it weren’t the truth. Every day from the moment I started recording with Matt, has been spent worrying about my “baby”.

And yet, at the end of the day, it’s “only” music right?…Right?

Sal at the Lantern Society 2015

(image taken by Mike Watts and reproduced with permission 2015)

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And because it was posted to a Facebook event for my 15th Jan launch, I’m reposting here for permanence and for those without Facebook.

Here is the review that was written by someone who stumbled on a show one evening, and then bought a pre-release copy of the album I had with me as I’d just gotten them in unexpectedly early, before the release date. His name is Mike Watts, and it’s such a kind review- full of everything you’d hope and dare to hear if you’d poured your heart and soul into an album. I didnt know him before he came to the show in December, and he certainly didn’t owe me this generous review so I’m probably going to print this out and frame it for posterity 😀


Saw Salwa Azar for the first time just before Christmas and were fortunate to be able to buy a pre-release copy of her ‘Black Feather Wooden Chair’ album and can’t recommend it highly enough and really looking forward to her album launch at the Lantern Society! Put a few thoughts together – short and longer version

The Skinny; Black Feather Wooden Chair is a must have, beautifully crafted album that rewards with new delights at every play

The Fatter; Salwa’s gorgeous vocals and thoughtful lyrics weave a tapestry through a variety of musical styles including folk, jazz, blues, country and sea shanty that somehow keeps the album together as the most delightful confection. One of the markers of a durable album is the difficulty in choosing ‘favourite’ tracks, even more so when those ‘favourites’ keep changing on repeated play. On first play of Black Feather Wooden Chair, the first ‘OMG’ song was the fabulous opening track ‘Clouds’ then the catchy riffs in ‘White Horse’ catch the attention, then the jazzy motifs of ’Tabletop love’, the humour and Americana style of ‘Vodka’ the quirky ukulele in ‘Untitled Folk song’, the mournful cello in ‘Poseidon Sea’, the reflective lyrics of ‘Eucalyptus and Pine’ or maybe the beat and shruti box in ‘Oarsman’? Several more plays left me with the notion that despite the diversity in songs and styles, this album should be played in it’s entirety as a ‘song cycle’ piece. The production and mixing of the audio is deft and light and the labour of love involved permeates the entire album. In conclusion, this is a wonderful journey through the musical influences of Salwa Azar and deserves the highest praise and widest possible audience of music lovers.

Great work Salwa!